Creating content and driving traffic

It’s really easy to say that you should create great content, but what is the secret to creating content that is great?

Narrow your topic.

If your goal is to build a huge readership, you need to pick ONE topic for your blog.  That may sound controversial, but let me explain….

Imagine you are in a doctors office, staring at a rack of magazines, how do you pick the magazine you want to read? You might  look at the headlines first, but ultimately, you will pick a magazine that covers a topic you want to read about. And you will probably pick a magazine that covers this topic in an interesting way.

If your blog is a “personal blog” without any clear picture of what you cover, your readers won’t know what to expect, and it’s harder to get them to subscribe–let alone build a big readership.

I’ve been writing at my personal blog for three years (inconsistently) and can never quite decide what I should do with it. My readership is a mix of other parenting bloggers, twenty-somethings that discovered it through search and industry friends.

How can you create content that appeals to three completely different demographics?

You can’t.

Be Passionate about it.

It feels like a total cliche when people talk about how you have to “be passionate” to be successful at something. In fact every-time I hear this, I find myself rolling my eyes in complete annoyance.

But It’s true.

In order to grow a successful blog you have to create a TON of content, and if you have to create a TON of content you better have a TON of ideas. You cannot come up with a ton of ideas about a topic you aren’t passionate about.

Have an interesting view point.

You have two choices when it comes to creating good content:  You can be a “news site” that shares everything there is to know about that topic, OR you can talk about a topic in a way that no one else is.

Formatting, Formatting, Formatting

The way that you write and format your blog posts can dramatically change the results you see.

Here is how to write the perfect blog post and here are the five most popular kinds of posts.


Now, let’s talk about how you drive more traffic to your blog.

Guest post.

It can be controversial to encourage bloggers to guest post or to occasionally write for free, but this can be a huge traffic driver.

Ramit Sethri explains why guest posts can be such a huge traffic driver here. 

Network, Network, Network!

A friend once coined the term “your network is your net worth” and it is something I have never forgotten. The best way to grow your blog, find new opportunities and become a leader in your community, is through networking.

Here is a worksheet that can help you manage your social networking.

Get Creative 

Here are 50 ways to drive massive traffic to your blog.


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