50 Free PR Tools For Your Brand

Google Analytics – Track who is finding your online presence, where they are coming from and exactly how they are interacting with your site.

Google Insights – See what consumers are searching for, how they are looking for your brand and what the hottest topics within your industry are.

Google Alerts – Get an email once a day with all new search results for your brand, competitors or industry news

Kurrently – Search facebook, twitter and Google + for relevant conversations all at once

Tweetdeck – Manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as monitor key search terms all in one place.

Pinvolve – Integrate Pinterest into Your Facebook Page

Klout – See how influential you are

Crowdbooster – Looks at your Tweets and Facebook Posts and creates analytics and tips to help you drive more engagement

Survey Monkey – Host a survey and get stats to use in your pitches

Pic Monkey – Make your images look professional without actually hiring a professional

Pictochart – Create an infographic with stats from a survey

Powtoon – Create an infographic video with information about your company

Mailchimp – Create a newsletter

Prezi – Create an out of the box presentation

Slide Rocket – Make your slides so pretty

HARO – Find journalists and editors who are looking for people to interview for stories delivered to your inbox twice a day

Pitch Rate – Find journalists who are looking for experts

Reporter Connection – Another great resource for finding journalists looking for experts

Muck Rack – Connect with Journalists on Twitter

PR Web – Free press release distribution service

PRBuzz.com – Free press release distribution to search engines, news sites, and blogs.

Burrelles Luce – This is a list of all of the top media channels

All Top – Find top bloggers organized by niche

Alexa – Get insight on reader demographics for potential blog partners

Google Reader – Create a continuously growing list of bloggers who might be interested in your company and keep up with their writing

Anyvite – Create fancy invites for your event

EventBrite – Manage RSVP’s

Red Stamp – Send Thank You Notes directly from your phone

Udemy – Host an ecourse and show your expertise

Quora – Answer questions about your industry

Slideshare – Show off your expertise in a fancy presentation

Scribd – Publish white papers and industry reports

Fast Company Events – Pitch yourself as a speaker

Bit.ly – Track how many people click through your links

Pinerly – Track how much traction your “pins” get on Pinterest

Hashtracking – Track how much engagement your Twitter hashtag gets

Statigram – Get analytics about your Instagram account

Wisestamp – Give yourself a fancy email signature

Square – Accept credit card payments directly from your phone

Shoe Boxed – manage your business expenses and keep track of receipts directly from your phone.

TripIt – Streamline the process of booking travel

Freshbooks – Manage invoices and billing

HelloFax – Send documents, sign contracts and fax information without any bulky equipment

YouSendIt – Send big files

Wiggio – Collaborate with an entire team on a project

Skype – Connect with colleagues and clients

Dropbox – Share folders and files with colleagues and have access to them across multiple platforms

Free Conference Call – Create a conference call number

Doodle – Organize internal events and meetings

DimDim – Host a meeting with up to twenty people


What are your favorite free PR and business tools?


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