Crafting a creative stand-up for TV news

Originally found at advancingthestory

For many years now, on-air journalists have been urged to do active stand-ups. In the best examples, the reporter serves as a kind of tour guide for the audience.

Here’s the advice we’ve offered in Advancing the Story on how to do them well:

  • Use the scene, don’t just stand with it behind you.
  • Show the audience something they might have otherwise missed.
  • Demonstrate how something works.
  • Be sure that whatever is coming out of your mouth directly relates to what you are doing with your hands, feet and eyes.

But nearly everyone who does these active stand-ups shares a word of warning — don’t over do it! Check out the stand-up in this story sent to us by Ole Miss journalism professor Nancy Dupont.

Reporter Dave Summers from WKYC-TV in Cleveland demonstrates how an 82-year-old woman ran down a purse snatcher, complete with the sound of his pounding feet on the pavement and out-of-breath delivery.

Take a look and then tell us what you think? On the mark or over the top?

Speaking strictly for myself, I like it. It’s a memorable moment and it drives the point home — this is one tough lady!


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