The 140 best Twitter feeds of 2012

Twitter BirdOriginally posted at Time’s Techland

TIME’s social media editor Allie Townsend & social media associate Amy Lombard pick the 140 Twitter feeds that are shaping the online conversation in 2012. Let us know what you think of our choices, using hashtag #Twitter140.

To see the full list, visit the link above. Some of our favorites were:

@Cecile Richards

As the president of one of the most polarizing organizations in the U.S., Cecile Richards has become Planned Parenthood’s most vocal supporter since accepting the role in 2006. High level political spats over reproductive rights and the use of federal funding play out in the national spotlight, and Richards often takes to Twitter to respond to the latest controversy to manifest. Regardless of your alignment, Richards (and the organization she represents) is smack in the middle of some of the year’s most heated issues – and we can watch them unfurl on Twitter.


Maybe more exciting than Bill Nye The Science Guy’s presence on Twitter, is his participation. Our favorite bow tie clad science advocate is available for questions submitted via tweet, which he’ll answer on his quest to “change the world.”


The largest library in the world has a Twitter account – and it’s a good one, too. The Library of Congress is one of the country’s greatest purveyors of American History, and it’s daily doses of history are a welcome interruption to a Twitter feed that is so often focused only on immediacy.


Few culture blogs can compete with the sterling commentary of The AV Club, so it’s hardly surprising that we’d enjoy its dedicated Twitter feed just as much as we do its web site. Though there’s hardly anything new about a news organization using Twitter as a second generation RSS feed, The AV Club (a sister publication to The Onion) does it so well that we hardly mind. Twitter-tailored headlines go out with each link, which means they just know their audience.


John Green makes the world suck less – really, that’s the mission he’s written on his website. Green is a best-selling author and a co-founder of, a site dedicated to “decreasing world suck.” He’s also one half of the Vlogbrothers, a video blogging enterprise with his brother Hank Green.


Journalist Lisa Ling doesn’t use Twitter to inundate her followers with constant updates, nor is she constantly plugging a TV show. Instead, she reacts to larger news stories or breaks out bits of reporting to start conversations on on the platform. Less is more.


Actor and funnyman Rainn Wilson is consistently funny, yes, but most of his jokes are packed with commentary on global events. The Office star has a talent for making you laugh and fear a new societal truth, all at once.


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